TOEFL Coaching Centers in Hyderabad

TOEFL is an internet based Test and it measures what colleges and universities need to know: a prospective student's ability to use English in an academic setting.
Use of Internet-based testing (iBT)?
Internet-based testing makes it possible to capture and score test-taker speech in the most efficient, standardized, and objective manner. Internet-based testing will also make it possible to greatly increase the number of test centers, which is good for test takers. Lectures and conversations in the Listening section are longer, but note-taking is allowed. In fact, note-taking is allowed throughout the entire test. The speech in the listening material sounds more natural, and one lecture may use a British or Australian accent. Also, there are new questions that measure understanding of a speaker's attitude, degree of certainty, and purpose.
TOEFL Test Benefits
The new TOEFL®differs is important ways from previous versions of the test, for example...
· It tests all four language skills that are important for effective communication: Speaking, Listening, Reading andWriting.
·It will be delivered via the Internet in secure test centers around the world.
·Some tasks require test takers to combine more than one skill
Integrated questions or “tasks” in the new test help learners build confidence needed to communicate in the academic environments they plan to enter the new integrated tasks ask test takers to
·read, listen and then speak in response to a question.
·listen and then speak in response to a question.

· read, listen and then write in response to a question